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  •   After trying many online courses and not succeeding with it I finally had the opportunity to learn business writing face-to-face with Shelly. Her method is easy to follow and focus. The idea of simplicity and 'to be yourself' when writing makes me feel more comfortable. My writing now creates better understanding and is a lot more organized and friendly for both writer and reader. Furthermore she is passionate about her work so you'll definitely learn with Shelly.

    thumb Bruno de Gois
  •   I attended the 1 day course (Sharpen up! - Your Technical Writing). For me this was a refresher as I did a similar 2 day course (possibly also written by Shelly) many years ago. For me it was very useful as I had been a bit loose with my writing lately. I recommend this course for everyone that hasn't attend one in a while as it really helps to sharpen up your writing skills, not just reports also everyday things like emails. I also felt like my technical writing style that I was used to and trained to write like in the past was outdated and this course has updated me with the latest techniques. I fully recommend this course.

    thumb sandeep jeram
  •   One of the best training courses I have been on. Shelly is an awesome facilitator who is really passionate about "business writing". I'm using the techniques, style and language I've learnt daily, and what a difference. Thank you:-)

    thumb Raewyn Vooght
  •   Very useful course and would highly recommend to others. Shelly is a high-energy fun-loving presenter and made it a fun and funny day. The mix of theory and hands-on practical worked really well for me.

    thumb Sarah Lowry
  •   Whatever your writing requirements are, Shelly delivers exactly what you need! Learning is super easy and super fun with Shelly and long after you've left the sessions, the teachings stick! Thanks Shelly 🙂

    thumb Rachel Tongia
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