How to write reports like a boss (or for the boss) – a 2-day in-house training programme

Course detail



  • those wanting to specialise in report writing
  • anyone writing reports (of any kind)

How long?

How long?

2 days

(9am – 4:30pm)

How many?

How many?

Up to 12 participants

Course description

Almost everyone has to write reports of some kind these days.  But so few people are actually taught how.  The result:  lots of really badly written, long, waffly reports that no one reads.  And a huge amount of money wasted.

There are a lot of basic report and business writing skills courses around.  What makes this one different is that it’s specialised.  It covers the good, solid, business writing foundations and then builds up your report writing expertise. Come on – let’s get right into the nitty gritty. Don’t you want to become a report-writing ninja?

If you’re writing long or complex reports, this is for you.  They could be technical, design, management, status, board reports, or almost anything!

With my strong practical focus, I’ll guide you through constructing a report for your own context. You’ll put all content into practice by writing your own report. Doesn’t sound like fun? Prepare to be proven wrong. I’m up for the challenge.

Course content

  • plain language approaches—how to make your writing clear, simple, and understandable by a wide audience
  • reader-centric tools—understanding your readers’ needs, and structuring a document accordingly
  • editing and reviewing techniques—so you can make sure documents (written by you and others) are sharp, polished, and impressive every time!
  • the reporting repertoire – examining a range of reports
  • planning tools – how to design a report that’s fit for purpose
  • the dreaded “level of detail” dilemma – how to collect, classify, filter, and structure information
  • use of appendices – the reader and writer’s best friend
  • the most powerful executive summary – nail your outcome, every time

Course outline day 1

  • what is plain language?
  • who uses it?
  • why use it? (the benefits)

  • active voice
  • 1st person
  • speakable Language
  • sentence length
  • positive
  • professional
  • personal

  • focus on the reader for success
  • putting yourself in the readers’ shoes
  • what all readers want to know
  • bottom line up front

  • view and deconstruct a range of sample reports
  • international trends in report writing
  • industry requirements and standards
  • reports for academic, business, technical contexts
  • what does your report need to achieve?
  • who is it for?
  • what type of report will achieve your purpose?
  • what are the requirements of this type of report?
  • collecting and classifying info
  • dump and chunk

Course outline day 2

  • filtering information
  • putting it in order
  • plan using a reader-centric structure
  • determine order of information to achieve desired outcomes
  • what goes in the body?
  • what goes into appendices?
  • what gets done away with?
  • tables
  • bullets
  • graphs
  • diagrams
  • images
  • captions
  • the never-fail formula
  • write to the most influential reader
  • eliminate detail, keep high-level specifics
  • how to write a truly high level summary
  • 3 hat editing process
  • reviewing skills
  • surviving the review process
  • practice, practice, practice!

Other info

Before the course

Before the course

provide samples of your business writing

To bring on the day

To bring on the day

  • laptop/tablet (optional but useful)
  • your own documents to work on

Post-training options

Post-training options

  • 1 – 1 coaching
  • document assessments

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