“Must get caught up…must get caught up!”

I’ve just had 3 days of filming, and that’s something I’ve never experienced before. I adored it. It was intense. I feel shattered and exhilarated. And as the camera crew drove away, my brain said, Aaaaaand next!

It started cataloguing all the things that need to be done now that that’s over, and I’ve got time and headspace and it’s quiet. My brain thinks that means, Must get caught up.


  • Check emails
  • Get my head back into that client work
  • Tidy bedding
  • Do washing
  • Sweep the house
  • Make some phone calls
  • Do banking
  • PLAN WHAT’S NEXT, aaaaaaaaaand, GO!
Must get caught up! Some days I amaze myself.  Other days, I put the laundry in the oven.

Balancing truths

It is true that most of those things will need to get done at some stage.

What’s also true is that right now, after a really intense 3 days of being ON, taking some time to just breathe is not only completely appropriate but probably a whole lot healthier than just jumping straight into what’s next.

Aaaaaand next!  Your life is always moving in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

So I sit here, on the deck with my coffee, and just pause. Reflect. Let the intensity and high energy fade away. Feel it dissipating.

And breathe.

Pause or pressure

So I’m wondering if right now, as you read this, if you need to either take a few breaths right now, or if you need to look ahead in your day and decide at what moment you’d be able to do that. When will it be needed?

When can you consciously, purposefully, pause?

I think I’m mostly speaking to the mums – the ones who still think about self-care only occasionally and when the idea pops into their heads, and they go, Oh, that’s right, I should take some time for me.

Aaaaaand next!  I never thought I'd be the type of mother who had to leave a post-it note to remind herself to shower.  Yet, here we are.  - The 21st Century SAHM.

That’s one SHOULD I think is valid.

You should take care of yourself.

You should claim moments from time to time to breathe.

You should be kind to yourself and say, OK, that was a full-on day. It’s ok to leave those dishes and just put my feet up for the rest of the evening.

Aaaaaand next!  Breathe.  It's ok to press pause - Shelly Davies

A reminder to pause

Maybe I’m not only talking to the mums. Maybe dads can relate.

Maybe other people with busy lives and obligations and responsibilities other than kids (aka money-sucking vampires).

I’d love for you to reply and tell me how this reminder to pause (breathe, be kind, reflect) is relevant in your world. Especially the boys. Cos you guys are a bit alien to me.


So, does that email really need to get written right now?

Does that next task really need your attention in this exact moment?

Are the pressures and urgency you’re feeling right now, reality? Or self-imposed?

As for me in this moment?

I’ve got some being to do.

Aaaaaad next!  What does being look like to you? - Shelly Davies


Upcoming events and keynotes




I’m excited to be teaming up again with the amazing humans at the Dairy Women’s Network (thanks Fonterra!). We’re hitting the road nationwide for daytime writing workshops and keynote dinner events and I can’t wait to see you live and in person!

And just in case you’re looking for that keynote (not an average keynote. That keynote!)

The one they’ll remember for a lifetime? The one that invites authenticity, captures the heart, and encourages you to live a more joyful, badass life?  

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