An unmissable global virtual conference

If you, like me, believe plain language and accessible information is a civil right, and you have the internet, then this virtual event is for you no matter where you are on the globe.

This is the first time that PLAINClarity, and The Centre For Plain Language have joined forces to bring together one amazing global event: Access for all.

These are my peeps guys!

Everything I know, I know from them! And this is THE GATHERING of plain language pioneers and warriors from around the world.

Did I mention it’s timezone friendly?

Each day you’ll see 4 hours broadcast LIVE (like TV not zoom, and recorded so you can watch EVERY TALK, anytime), and ongoing discussions around the clock so you can interact no matter your timezone.

Check out the amazing ways they’re meeting our viewer needs:

  • Every talk/keynote is recorded live both BEFORE and AFTER the event
  • Every live session starts with an online discussion, which, as everyone wakes up in their various time zones, will Just.  Keep.  Going.
  • An unparalleled mix of pre-recorded, and LIVE content with interactive LIVE discussions with keynotes and speakers
  • Every talk/keynote will be available online to attendees until 30 April 2021

Crazy, right?! That’s access to MONTHS worth of #PlainLanguage training and resources for your company!

Access For All is an investment for your team/company

With everything going on in the world today, we need to stop allowing access to information to be something that’s impacted by privilege.  

If you’ve EVER complained about bad documents, forms, notices, legislation, or comms, now is the time to influence change in your organisation.

Hear and engage with a wide range of perspectives on plain language across industries and disciplines. No matter what your work and specialty, there’s something for you, including:

  • our responsibility to ensure access for all
  • Using plain language to improve the criminal justice system
  • Using plain language to protect the rights of vulnerable populations
  • Celebrating when plain language succeeds
  • An international case study: using plain language to affect the outcome of the health crisis COVID-19

Check out all the incredible keynote speakers and presenters!

Ok, so obviously I’m excited!

But what’s really exciting (yes, even more exciting than me being a keynote!), is this global opportunity we have to create necessary, life-changing systems, where we all simply #writelikeahuman and change the world!

Join me?


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