I’m really angry about something right now.

Someone close has done some things that I feel hurt by and resentful of.

I’ll get over this eventually – in fact, sooner rather than later, me being me – but right now, I’m feeling it.

Permission to feel

I give myself permission to feel pretty much every emotion as it comes, actually.  It’s something I’ve developed through years of learning about myself (and therapy).

So I’m sitting here, with my anger, and reflecting on emotions.

Bad emotions?

We live in a society where some emotions are encouraged and celebrated, and others are seen as negative – like sadness and anger.

But you know no emotion is inherently bad, right? They all have a purpose.

They can all be part of a process of movement, progress, working through stuff, getting from A to B.

For them to fulfil that purpose, though, they need to be acknowledged.

They need to see the light of day. They need to be given space. Because emotions have something to say.

Reaching awareness

So I’m sitting here with my anger and letting it do what it needs to do.

It needs to bring me an awareness of what’s caused it.

  • Why am I feeling angry?
  • What other emotion is sitting beneath that?
  • What caused that emotion? Why?
  • What meaning am I giving the actions or words or absences that are affecting me?
  • Is that meaning based on fact?
  • Is that meaning resourceful?
  • Can I choose a different meaning?

What is this emotion telling me I need to do or not do?

So anger, my friend, come sit with me for a day.

Let’s do some work together.

I’m not going to let you run the show, but you are 100% invited to the party.