Oh heeeey you!

I’ve actually had a couple of people checking on me to see if I’m ok because I went off-grid and then it seems like I just never came back. Ooops. My bad. But also, my good. Cos I’m great. I’m astoundingly wonderful. Even though 2021 seems to be accepting the wero laid down by 2020 for shittiest year, good lord.

So heeeey.  I’m baaaack.  So good to seeeee you!

Is it the right time?

I was thinking this morning about timing.

I’ve long been proud of myself to know to pause in any given situation and ask myself, “What’s the outcome I want to achieve here?”

When I send this email, what am I trying to achieve? When I write this document, what am I trying to achieve?  When I reply on this social media post or when I have this conversation, what’s the end result I’m aiming for?

But I don’t know if I’ve been as aware of the need to ask myself about timing. Is it the right TIME to be trying to achieve this?


I learned during NZ’s first lockdown to roll with things. Not make fast decisions. Wait and see, then respond when the time was right.

I learned over summer to listen to my body and give it what it needs WHEN it needs it. Rest when I need to. Push hard when I need to. Eat when I need to (still learning. Uggh).

I learned last week to put just as much thought into timing as I usually have into outcomes.

All things have a right time

It was a shitty week. The shittiest of shitty weeks for many many people who loved a good man who ended his life. A week of grief and guilt and conflict and anger.

I was privileged to be part of a korowai of love that embraced his partner in her grief.

A korowai of strong women who know how to cry and mourn. How to laugh and talk shit and keep it real. And also, how to get their timing right.

I watched as they knew when to hold on to information and when to share it. When to listen and when to speak. When to differ and when to agree. When to touch, hold, embrace, and when to give space. And when to fight.

Which, I gotta tell you, despite all the heightened emotions and mud being slung around, was not at all. Not last week. This was not the time to fight. Even for what’s right.

I’m grateful for wāhine who stand strong in their love and vulnerability. Who are self-aware and connected and intuitive and grounded.

And who know that all things have a right time. Even truth.