I know, most of you are going, Aaaaand…?

And I don’t usually. I hardly ever have. Like, ever.

You see, as a full-time working single mum for years and years, my goal was to simplify and streamline every aspect of my life. Reduce stress, reduce workload, make things manageable. And I couldn’t FOR THE LIFE OF ME understand why anyone would try to fit in hanging freaking washing outside on the line in amongst everything else they have on their plate. Like, seriously. You go to all that effort (time, baby, TIME), and then half the time it ends up raining before you get home from work and then, well fuck.

And yes, my privilege is showing. Not everyone can afford to have and run a clothes dryer.

But I’m a big believer in owning our own truth without having to validate it against the experiences of others, so here I am, reflecting on the clothes currently hanging on my washing line.

Anyway, I was opposed. I thought hanging out washing wasn’t smart, and I’m a smart person.

Roll on 2021, and my desperate desire to use my body, be more present, and commit to less. Suddenly, hanging out the washing on a sunny day while I’m working from home is an exercise in mindfulness. It’s claiming a few peaceful minutes out in the fresh air, breathing. It’s become a thing that helps me live the way I want to.

And that, m’loves is what I think our lives should be all about:

  • Do what’s right for us, our body, our spirit
  • Know that “what’s right” changes. Constantly.
  • Remember that reflection and being present enough to notice things is where huge amounts of our growth and power reside

Is there a position you’ve had on something, a belief, an opinion, that you could revisit given your current stage in life?

I don’t have the answer, but I wanted to ask, while I reflected on how for me, today, hanging out washing is something that’s really good for me.

Oh, and we don’t have enough pegs…