What are your best indicators of wellness?

I’ve realised that one of my best indicators of well-being is the condition of my plants.

After decades of motherhood, almost all of them while grieving, depressed, in a bad marriage or just plain lonely, I probably attempted houseplants a few times and consistently failed miserably.


Then there were the long periods where I put plants in the #letsnotevengothere box right along with pets (which are still in that box, FYI), because keeping tiny psychopaths alive was fucking hard enough, thank you very much.

Surviving or thriving

So for over 20 years, when I look around my house, I’ve been surrounded by either no plants or dead or dying ones.

That screams to me: SUR. VI. VAL.

I’m surviving, not thriving.

Survival mode is supposed to be a phase that helps save your life.  It is not meant to be how you LIVE.  Michele Rosenthal.  Author: Your life after trauma.

Now I find myself with an empty nest and the absolute luxury of committing time to self in ways I never have before.

Even so, running a business doing what you LOVE and being admired and respected is alluring when it comes to giving people your time. So much validation. So much praise… So much allure to say YES. And so, even without the in-my-face demands of children minute-to-minute, I’ve still struggled to find the right balance of space for me.

But my lovely people, right now I’m finding it. I’m in the VERY privileged position of being able to choose ONLY the work that is 100% in my joy. So in 2021, I am training and I am speaking. And that is IT.

The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it's time to thrive.  Get out of survival mode.  New habits, new life.

Oh baby, look at them now!

And tirohia! Look at my plants!

Look at their glorious green lusciousness!!! They tell me this is working.

I’m thriving. #fuckyousurvival


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