What place does empathy have in business writing?

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What place does empathy have in business writing? All the places. All. Of. Them. If your writing isn’t empathetic to your readers’ needs, you’ve failed. End of story.     Who are you writing for? YOU?   All those bad, waffly, long-winded, not-fit-for purpose documents you see at work? Those are the [...]

Writing for outcomes part 3 – tools for document structure

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OK, so you’ve taken care of your up-front framing, and you’ve started to drill down to the clarity you need to write an amazing, fit-for-purpose document that’s gonna help you take over the universe. But now you’ve got to the real guts of it:  what do you actually write??? (Press play for dramatic [...]

Writing for outcomes – how to structure a business document Part 1

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People are always asking me for templates. Have you got a report template, Shelly? A business case template, Shelly? A template that will save all the woes of the world, Shelly? I’ll spare you the clichés about length of string and teaching men how to fish: I DON’T DO TEMPLATES. Templates are only good [...]