How to proofread – quickly and efficiently

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Read out loud. I’m not talking editing here. Your re-writing stage has to be finished. Proofreading is the final step. It’s the polishing – the cleaning up any rough edges.     Reading out loud Reading out loud is the thing no one wants to do. It’s slower than reading in [...]

How to reduce stress – do you own it?

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I once had a friend staying with me, and she was worried about a small decision my daughter made. She later told me how stressful the visit was, because of that one thing. Let me explain a bit more (while still respecting the privacy of both my friend and my daughter). [...]

Getting clarity – how do I write more clearly?

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In all my trainings, with hundreds of professionals each year, this is the thing people ask for above all else:  How do I write more clearly? The answer is so simple it’s almost embarrassing:  Write the way you speak. Yes, really. Write the way you speak.  In every document.   I [...]

How do I live my best life?

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OK, I hate that title. But it’s all about SEO – did you know if you title your blogs with questions people type into google, your content is more likely to be found? True story. And this post IS about living your best life. I just hate those words because I [...]

Dear document reviewers

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Dear document reviewers, It’s not about you. It’s about whether the document is fit for purpose (and fit for its readers).     In my estimation, about 70% of all feedback from reviewers of documents in the workplace is not based on correctness or making a document fit for purpose. It’s [...]

What place does empathy have in business writing?

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What place does empathy have in business writing? All the places. All. Of. Them. If your writing isn’t empathetic to your readers’ needs, you’ve failed. End of story.     Who are you writing for? YOU?   All those bad, waffly, long-winded, not-fit-for purpose documents you see at work? Those are the [...]

How to develop credibility in your profession

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When people find out I teach writing, they assume it’s creative writing. Novels, stories, poetry. (Except that one dude who thought I teach handwriting. Weirdo.)   And I can teach those things. I have a master’s degree in creative writing. But without being a hugely successful published author, I don’t feel [...]

How does plain language save money?

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So I’m guessing you’re here because either you LOVE plain language and want to convince someone at work that it’s worth investing in, or you’ve heard about this plain language thing but you’re not yet sure you buy into it Either way, I can help you out. So let’s dive into this. Plain language [...]