How to like someone more: Find commonalities

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People are irritating, right? And this is coming from one of the most loving and empathetic people I know (that’s me – yes, I’m saying nice things about myself. And?) I’ve believed since I was a teenager that I’m on this earth to love. Empathy is one of my superpowers. I [...]

How to write a resignation letter

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So you want to quit your job It’s time to move on. You’ve got a better offer. Or you’re ready to tell your boss, F*ck you and the horse you rode in on. Whatever the reason, there’s usually a legal obligation to give written notification and a period of notice. (Check your [...]

How to create the right tone in your emails

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We have some seriously weird ideas about tone. I say this because I train 800 to 1000 people each year, and I hear some really surprising and contradictory perspectives: bullets feel too formal bullets feel too informal I could use structure in an email to someone I work with, but not [...]