How to like someone more: Find commonalities

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People are irritating, right? And this is coming from one of the most loving and empathetic people I know (that’s me – yes, I’m saying nice things about myself. And?) I’ve believed since I was a teenager that I’m on this earth to love. Empathy is one of my superpowers. I [...]

How to create the right tone in your emails

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We have some seriously weird ideas about tone. I say this because I train 800 to 1000 people each year, and I hear some really surprising and contradictory perspectives: bullets feel too formal bullets feel too informal I could use structure in an email to someone I work with, but not [...]

You can’t please everyone

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When I first started writing professionally I felt really confident in my writing abilities. I’d already been a writer with a masters in creative writing for almost 20 years. I’d published, edited, and taught writing at high schools, universities, and on an international academic stage.  I was ready. So it surprised me [...]

How does plain language save money?

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So I’m guessing you’re here because either you LOVE plain language and want to convince someone at work that it’s worth investing in, or you’ve heard about this plain language thing but you’re not yet sure you buy into it Either way, I can help you out. So let’s dive into this. Plain language [...]