What’s the last change you tried to make in your life that didn’t stick? Or that was torturous?

(And damn, how quickly did you populate a list in answer to that question??)

If I said to you, don’t think about a purple elephant, well, you know what happens.

Where’s your focus?

We try to fix things by focusing on the things we want to stop.

On the shouldn’ts and the don’ts.

  • don’t eat so much
  • shouldn’t drink so much wine
  • stop working such long hours
  • stop eating bread

Well, thanks. Now my mind is filled with eating, wine, working hard, and bread.

Ohhh, breeeaad! My nemesis.

Guess where all my power is now resting?

With the things I want to take the power away from.

That’s thinking away from something, and it’s a mistake.

What we want to do instead, is think towards the thing we want.

Thinking towards the change

The power comes when we think towards the change. Towards the desirable.

  • I’m being more active
  • I’m drinking more water
  • I’m committing time to self. Or family. Or whatever I choose
  • What delicious, crunchy veges can I have with this meal?

This is the ONLY WAY I know how to change. It’s the only way I know how to make a new behaviour or priority stick.

What are you trying to think yourself away from?

And what can you start thinking towards instead?