Did you know that research has proven that being consciously grateful for a few things each day literally increases our happiness?

Doing gratitude your way

You can do it in whatever way suits you!

Go for a walk and reflect on the things you can see that you’re grateful for. Pray, and express thanks. Meditate and have a time of gratitude. Keep a good old gratitude journal. (That once kept me going through at least one year of a bad marriage).

That’s it, really.

How’s your mood? Feeling a bit low?


Count some blessings. Or some good things. Find some beauty. Look around at the things you’re glad to have in your life.

It won’t fix everything.

But it’ll help.


I’m NOT just fucking lucky

People think I’m just living a blessed life. Lucky. Fortunate. And I am, but it’s also a HUGE amount to do with my mindset.

We live in a world that tells us we’ll be happy WHEN.

When you get that job.

That car.

That house.

Those kids.

That love.

Actually research tells us it’s the exact opposite:

First, you get happy.

Then the other things come.

Want to get happy? Get grateful!

I’ve even got a badass gratitude journal if that helps!