Good Sh*t I’ve Learned – by Shelly Davies

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You know how you sit around with wise girlfriends (or guyfriends) and talk sh*t and love on each other and share cool stuff you’ve learned and just generally lift each other up, because, #love?

That’s what this book is.

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Just a collection of good sh*t I’ve learned, that brings me joy, and has helped me become, well, ME.

So, you wise and beautiful BADD*SS, you… Let’s do this!

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(Hardcover, limited edition numbered and signed, 136 pages)

ISBN 978-0-473-45102-8

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15 reviews for Good Sh*t I’ve Learned – by Shelly Davies

  1. Rogue London (verified owner)

    Shelly grabbed vulnerability by the balls. The Good Shit Shelly Learned has become The Good Shit I’ve Learned. As I read word by word I imagined her trials and tribulations and the strength it must have taken to keep on walking. I am grateful to have learned so many lessons in such a quick but deep read. It is a book for every woman on the planet and her best friend. Thank you Shelly. Thank you.

  2. Carolynn Gubb (verified owner)

    Awesome, awesome book. Just some real good shit written by a great lady! You know a book is great to read when you finish it the day you started it. Every bookshelf needs one of these and get the sweary version – there is nothing that bad in it that you haven’t heard before. And, by the way, all your girlfriends need a copy of this one too!

  3. Claire Martin (verified owner)

    Loved it! A great collection of stories and thoughts to open your mind and live life so much better, plus a super easy read which could be in snippets or consumed all at once!

    Thank you Shelly for the open and honest way you present your book and the insights you’ve shared.

    Highly recommended! xx

  4. Dani Simpson (verified owner)

    This is absolute gold! It’s refreshingly honest and speaks to what we all know – that none of us get out of this alive so we may as well learn all the good shit along the way so we can strive to live a life full of happiness, joy and success. What’s more, you feel like you’ve got the fabulous Shelly Davies sitting right there with you while you’re reading it! Buy it! You won’t regret it!

  5. Colleen Henry (verified owner)

    Okay so I may have read this whole book out loud to my mum as soon as I got it and we might’ve learned some good shit and had some really great laughs and then we had some moments of reflections too! It really is some good shit! (Really good stuff!) I love this book! It’s such a great addition to my bookcase and I’m better for having read it 🙂

  6. Sonya Palmer (verified owner)

    It’s not often I want to reread a book. This book, or should I say my now long lost book! I couldn’t put it down and I had to share it with my bestie who just had to share it with another bestie…apparently. It’s gone. I’m jealous. So I’m here grabbing another but that’s okay because I will go on a shelf with the few favourite books I have kept. It’s the type of book I know I need to read more than once because the way it is written, like sitting down with a good friend who tells you some good shit and you just want to hear it again and again. I LOVED this book.

  7. Belinda Thomas (verified owner)

    I bloody love it!! And you, so much!
    And thank you for solving my client Christmas present dilemma, your book is genius.

  8. Kirsty Norton (verified owner)

    Loved it!! Honest, funny, real. Easy read with some good shit to learn from too. Thanks for putting it out there Shelly

  9. Rach Jaunay (verified owner)

    Real talk.
    A paradigm shifter – good books do that!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Rach Xx

  10. Jess Drury (verified owner)

    Shelley Davies does not disappoint with her book, “Good Shit I’ve Learned”. I read the whole book in one sitting (after I put the kids to bed). It felt like having coffee with a friend where the conversation gets real and goes deep. The kind of conversation where you laugh till your sides hurt, shed a few tears in empathy and understanding, and come away feeling SEEN. Thank you for your words and your wisdom. Thank you for your vulnerability and your strength. Thank you for the permission to be messy and imperfect and not have it all figured out. And thank you for the reminder to look for the joy and goodness that life brings.

  11. Jaqui Watkins (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Shelley’s website purely by accident and ended up buying the good shit book. Since then I have ordered two more for Christmas gifts to give to a couple of amazing women who have taught me shit too. I read the book like you were standing in my lounge, saying the very words I was reading. Thank you for sharing your good shit!

  12. Tracey Olivier (verified owner)

    Loved this book and yes I got the sweary version because I love the person without the mask so didn’t want anything less as I read her book.

    I love the honesty and raw vulnerability. As our mutually hero says “vulnerability is not weakness, it’s the courage to show up and be seen when you have zero control of the outcome.

    Thank you for showing up and being seen beautiful fierce warrior princess!!!

  13. Angela (verified owner)

    Shelly really is the sh*t!!! Loved her book, straight to the point, little gems of info and wisdom, a few tears and reality checks. I love her ruthlessness, her honesty and her vulnerability. I have learnt a lot from her teachers quoted also. An inspirational lady who reminds us it is hard but it will be ok. Its all in the mind!!! Would love to work with her one day. Ange xoxo

  14. Ang Bingham (verified owner)

    Great read, funny and real. No ivory tower here just life.

  15. Rachael Aitchison (verified owner)

    Such an inspirational book that demonstrates raw human emotion. I bought it as gifts for my wonderful managers who I know will be utterly blown away by the insights shared.
    Thank you for being honest and writing in a way that talks to your soul!

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