Oh, heeeey!

Look at you, beautiful <3

So great to seeee yoouuu!

You know how you sit around with wise girlfriends (or guyfriends) and talk shit and love on each other and share cool stuff you’ve learned and just generally lift each other up, because, #love?

That’s what this book is.

Just a collection of good shit I’ve learned, that brings me joy, and has helped me become, well, ME.

So, you wise and beautiful BADDASS, you… Let’s do this!

(Oh, and BTW – I thought long and hard about it – swearing is my new thing. I literally didn’t have a potty mouth until I was 38! So I know lots of REALLY GOOD PEOPLE who just don’t wanna go there.  THAT’S WHY you can choose!  There’s a censored version of the book. No swearing. So you can buy that one and give it to your mum, colleague, or judgey sister! Choose below.)

Oh and another BTW – You can buy this book everywhere online:

What you get if you buy right HERE is a LIMITED EDITION, NUMBERED AND SIGNED.  There are only 150 of these puppies available. Grab one while you can!

(Hardcover, limited edition numbered and signed, 136 pages)

ISBN 978-0-473-44894-3 (Good Stuff)

ISBN 978-0-473-45102-8 (Good Shit)