Keynote speaker

I show people how to feel more powerful in their own universe

so they can have joy

So, you need a rockstar keynote speaker for your next conference?

I love walking into a room full of strangers who maybe are ready for their nana-nap cos it’s conference-after-lunch and have them leave the room bouncy and saying it’s the best keynote they’ve ever heard.

My storytelling candidly brings together the deep wisdom of hard-earned personal truths with my irrepressible humour (and plenty of profanity) that’ll make you laugh AND challenge you to think about how you choose to show up to life.

Because true power is accepting the truth of who you are.

Because we’re happier when we give ourselves permission to tell the status quo to fuck right off.

And because you’ll never discover what’s possible without being brave enough to say yes!

When we choose to operate with integrity, authenticity, courage, empathy and vulnerability both our writing and our lives achieve the outcomes we’re craving.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, joyful, badass speaker to leave a lasting impact – let’s talk.

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People just don’t forget this face…

Do you want your keynote to be the one everyone talks about for years to come?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Cos boy, do I have stories to tell. And I just know how to WORK A ROOM.

Confident? Yes I am. Unconventional? Well obvs.

Yes, I’ve run a fucking amazing business for 7 years now, and YES I want other people to feel THIS POWERFUL in their own universe. I can talk business. Money. Marketing. Brand. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Courage. Someone might have suggested I’m New Zealand’s Brene Brown *blush*. I can talk parenting, divorce, dead husbands, depression, obesity and weight loss surgery, family court, addictions, SERIOUS mental health.

I mean fuck. I’ve lived. What can I say? You don’t become a joyful badass rockstar through a boring, not-much-happened kinda life. Can I rock a room for you?