keynote Speaker


Do you want your keynote to be the one everyone talks about for years to come? 

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Cos boy, do I have stories to tell. And I just know how to WORK A ROOM.

Confident? Yes I am. Unconventional? Well obvs.

Yes, I’ve run a fucking amazing business for 7 years now, and YES I want other people to feel THIS POWERFUL in their own universe. I can talk business. Money. Marketing. Brand. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Courage. Someone might have suggested I’m New Zealand’s Brene Brown *blush*. I can talk parenting, divorce, dead husbands, depression, obesity and weight loss surgery, family court, addictions, SERIOUS mental health.

I mean fuck. I’ve lived. What can I say? You don’t become a joyful badass rockstar through a boring, not-much-happened kinda life. Can I rock a room for you?