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Your people want to get better at writing. You want to invest in that because you’re smart, and you know good writing saves a hell of a lot of time, money, and pain. And you’ve found me. YUSS!

But here’s the thing: I’ve been doing this for a long time. A long, long time. Don’t let the flawless skin fool you. I’ve had enough years of practice to now be officially classed as Freaking. Amazing.

So I’m only willing to do this right. I don’t need your business badly enough to do a shit job for you.

The real challenge isn’t sounding more professional – it’s sounding more HUMAN. It’s understanding that the formal voice and corporate jargon is exactly the thing standing in the way of your words doing what they’re SUPPOSED to do. Because, as it turns out, business writing is more about being authentic and courageously transparent than it is about having an impressive vocab or knowing where the f*ck to use a semi-colon.

In writing, an authentic voice = trust. A straight-up voice = confidence. Plain language = achieving more of the outcomes you want.

Want some o’ that? Here’s how:



i do in-house training


What does that mean? It means I come into your business and run training for up to 12 people.

It means I DON’T run public courses that individuals can enrol on. Please don’t email me to ask when my next course is.

What I CAN do for you if you’re just one person is executive 1-1 coaching starting at a $2,000+gst package. I also run online courses for individuals.

If that’s still not clear, I’m just gonna shake my head all the way into next week.




What’s it worth to you?


The benefits of better writing can be measured. Give me your email and I’ll send you the evidence.

Training day



$7,000 +gst

(travel and accommodation extra)

That’s it.

No packages.

No discounts.

You want me, that’s how much I cost.

1-day courses

1-1 coaching packages

starting at $5,000+gst

My best work happens over 2 days


Over 2 days I can take your team from whatever level they’re at, reframe them to modern writing approaches that actually work, AND make sure they know how to actually write that way once they leave the room.

They’ll be buzzing, they’ll be writing freakishly well, and you’ll see REAL CHANGE.

You wouldn’t want anything less.

But you’re special *rolls eyes* and you can only do 1 day I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. So you’ve got the 2 options above – just know people will be left wanting MUCH MORE.

Why I won’t do a ½ day training


Because it’s a waste of your money. You’ll get awareness, but no skill. You’ll be entertained and excited. You’ll play with koosh balls and giggle. But when you leave the room you won’t be able to do anything different.

You’re smarter than that.


Am I a bit much for you? Want something effective but a bit more vanilla?

These guys are good (but they’re not me):

What people say

  • Awesome training and advice Shelly, it's totally changed my approach to report writing and I'm getting great feedback from clients!

    Mat Collins Avatar
    Mat Collins
  • Shelly has lot to offer!! Whether you are a novice starting your career, or a pro looking to refine you writing style, Shelly can help you! Learn to be more direct, communicate more clearly, and get what you want out of your written interactions. Shelly's tips cover the full spectrum from simple emails to comprehensive policy documents.

    Jos Fryer Avatar
    Jos Fryer
  • Shelly came to tell what would work in the world of communication.
    We were a bit "ho hum" about the whole thing. However, we were not expecting to be 'wowed'.
    Shelly is:
    - Inspiring
    - Relevant
    - Current
    - Engaging
    - Common sense
    - Professional
    - Very, very, easy to understand.
    - And, funny.
    But most of all, she understood us.
    We're all waiting for the next installment!

    Maxine Moana Tuwhangai Avatar
    Maxine Moana Tuwhangai
  • Sheilly is a true inspiration, learnt so much from the time I spent with on the Professional Writing course, changed the way I communicate, just fantastic!!!

    lucia keaveney Avatar
    lucia keaveney
  • An amazing course, filled with exuberance and insights. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!l Back to work inspired and enthused - cheers Shelly, you're bloody awesome! (came back and contracted this last sentence....haha)

    Deb Gilchrist-Geyser Avatar
    Deb Gilchrist-Geyser
  • I found Shelley to be a highly entertaining presenter. Teaching plain English is her passion and her mission. She excels at it.

    Caroline Doust Avatar
    Caroline Doust

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