Write to sell, persuade, and get buy in – a 2-day in-house training programme

Course detail



  • managers
  • anyone responding to RFPs and tenders
  • IT professionals who need to get buy-in for system upgrades
  • anyone who wants to sell a brilliant idea to their business

How long?

How long?

2 days

(9am – 4:30pm)


How many?

How many?

Up to 12 participants

Course description

The ability to write a killer proposal or business case can be the difference between success and closing the doors—between climbing the ladder or remaining static.

Knowing how to write a compelling, persuasive proposal is both a skill and an art. First of all, how to keep them awake? And then you don’t want to fall into the old trap of the cheesy sales pitch. But you also don’t want to resort to straight up scaremongering.

This programme focuses on all aspects of writing a compelling bid, proposal, or business case.

You’ll practice using your own documents. If the whole team (or a small group) is working on the same proposal, I’ll facilitate you through preparing a draft on the day.

Course content

  • plain language approaches—how to make your writing clear, simple, and understandable by a wide audience
  • reader-centric tools—understanding your readers’ needs, and structuring a document accordingly
  • editing and reviewing techniques—so you can make sure documents (written by you and others) are sharp, polished, and impressive every time!
  • preparation and research
  • the document needs analysis
  • aligning audience, voice, tone, and words
  • structure
  • formatting and the finishing touches

Course outline day 1

  • what is plain language?
  • who uses it?
  • why use it? (the benefits)

  • active voice
  • 1st person
  • speakable language
  • sentence length
  • positive
  • professional
  • personal

  • focus on the reader for success
  • putting yourself in the readers’ shoes
  • what all readers want to know
  • bottom line up front

  • purpose of the business case
  • elements of a good business case
  • the business case production process
  • putting together the team
  • the evaluative framework
  • context
  • history
  • researching options
  • collecting supporting/opposing data

Course outline day 2

  • opportunity or problem analysis
  • vision and objectives
  • option analysis
  • proposed solution
  • risk mitigation
  • WIFM—what’s in it for me?
  • knowing your audience
  • what is voice and tone?
  • persuasive language
  • the art of logic and rhetoric
  • anchors, priming, and presuppositions
  • analysing the data
  • appraisal techniques
  • constructing your argument
  • 3 hat editing process
  • reviewing skills
  • surviving the review process
  • practice, practice, practice!

Other info


Before the course

Before the course

  • provide samples of proposals and business cases (if any)

To bring on the day

To bring on the day

  • laptop/tablet (optional but useful)
  • your own documents to work on

Post-training options

Post-training options

  • 1-1 coaching
  • proposal/business case assessments

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