The best stuff for good business writing – a 1-day in-house training programme

Course detail



anyone who does any kind of writing for work


How long?

How long?

1 day

(9am – 4:30pm)


How many?

How many?

Up to 12 participants

Course description

So you can’t take 2 days away from your desk, but you still want to do this writing thing better. OK, that’s cool. Here’s what we’ll do:

I’ll teach you what modern business writing looks like and how it’s different to traditional practices. I’ll take you through exercises to get comfortable with it, and you’ll look at your own documents with fresh eyes.

You’ll get a good awareness and you’ll practice applying new ways of writing. You’ll feel confident and re-invigorated to write well at work. You’ll even be able to save time and write less.

BUT. If you want to leave the room equipped to write EVERY kind of document quickly and skilfully every time, this course won’t get you there. We just need to be honest about the limitations of what we can learn in one day. Writing takes time. So if you want a higher skill level, greater mastery of good writing, AND time to work on your own documents under my watchful blue eyes, you need to do my 2 day programme. Just sayin’.

Course content

This course will change the way you write, through:

  • plain language approaches—how to make your writing clear, simple, and understandable by a wide audience
  • reader-centric tools—understanding your readers’ needs, and structuring a document accordingly
  • most common mistakes
  • I’ll work through exercises and then apply the principles to your own documents.  Get expert advice and feedback from the writer-trainer!

Course outline

  • what is Plain Language?
  • who uses it?
  • why use it? (the benefits)

  • active voice
  • 1st person
  • speakable Language
  • sentence length
  • positive
  • professional
  • personal

  • focus on the reader for success
  • putting yourself in the reader’s shoes
  • what all readers want to know
  • bottom line up front

  • the dreaded apostrophe
  • capital letters
  • commas
  • noun strings
  • clean and tidy bullets

Other info


Before the course

Before the course

  • provide samples of your business writing

To bring on the day

To bring on the day

  • laptop/tablet (optional but useful)
  • your own documents to work on

Post-training options

Post-training options

  • 1 – 1 coaching
  • document assessments

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