You want it written? Freakishly well? OK.

I do words. Words for selling, words for reporting, words for technical peeps and words for dummies (and I use that term affectionately). Words for customers, words for bigwigs, words for every day, even words for academics. Get it?

The most successful messages are clear, simple, and accomplish their goals. Which is why I’ll only use the best-known (and research-proven) ways to communicate in everything I write. Sounds pretty awesome, huh. But wait, there’s more!

I’m a facilitator. If you need something written that needs to be approved by a shit-load of people and you KNOW they’re all gonna have their own *special* ideas about how it should be written, I am SO YOUR GIRL. I can convince, persuade, and hell – even manipulate (I use my powers for good) to get you the best outcome. You need people taken on a journey while the document gets conceptualised, created, and finalised? Pick me!


Here’s how I write for you

I come to you.

It’s taken me decades to refine how I work. Lucky for you, that means I know how to give you my very best magic.

And that magic happens in person, all in one hit.

No spending days weeks months reviewing and redrafting. 

One day. All the magic. Finished product. 



I pick your brains, then send you away.

Gather all the people together and I’ll facilitate the process. 

This really is the most cost efficient use of your people’s time when it comes to outsourcing writing.

Once I’ve got one what I need, you go and get your own shit done.

I write.

I bring you back and we finish it. BOOM.

That’s right. While everyone’s clear on what we’re trying to achieve and who with, we come back together and I present the draft copy.

Together, we tweak. Polish. Refine. 

I hand it back to you, and we all go home happy.

THAT, my lovelies, is MAGIC.

What people say

  • I found Shelly's course really helpful. The content and presentation is clear and insightful, and I am using the things I picked all the time in my day to day work.

    Stuart Crosswell Avatar
    Stuart Crosswell
  • We love Shelly! When looking for someone to help our company with our writing and communication skills, Shelly was recommended multiple times. We put our entire team through her coaching and we are now signing all our new starters up for her online Email Communications course to ensure everyone is communicating in the same consistent, clear and well structured way. She's great - highly recommended!

    Liz Knight Avatar
    Liz Knight
  • Shelly Davies rocks your socks off.

    Kawarau Ngaia Avatar
    Kawarau Ngaia
  • A day with Shelly is a day well spent

    Scott Ebbett Avatar
    Scott Ebbett
  • Awesome and practical training, which left me with tools that I could apply immediately. Less waffle here I come!

    Paul Evans Avatar
    Paul Evans
  • Extremely useful skills for day-to-day business writing. Can see marked improvement in efficiency already - in both my own work and that of others in the course. Hilarious presentation style that got everyone involved.

    Hannah Liddell Avatar
    Hannah Liddell
  • Shelly is great. She makes the content interesting, easy to understand, and easy to put in to practice. Plain English is her thing!

    Tania Nutira Avatar
    Tania Nutira
  • Shelly’s style of teaching is like finding that book you’ve been waiting ages to read. You finally get it, read it, front to back and back again then BAM, can't wait for the sequel. Nga mini uni Shelly😉

    Ferinica Foreman Avatar
    Ferinica Foreman
  • Shelly is awesome at what she does and makes learning fun.

    Aaron Botherway Avatar
    Aaron Botherway
  • Very engaging and interactive training. Learnt some very practical and handy tips for writing emails and reports. Recommended!

    Atefeh P Avatar
    Atefeh P

Whose world have I rocked?