You want it written? Freakishly well? OK.

I do words. Words for selling, words for reporting, words for technical peeps and words for dummies (and I use that term affectionately). Words for customers, words for bigwigs, words for every day, even words for academics. Get it?

The most successful messages are clear, simple, and accomplish their goals. Which is why I’ll only use the best-known (and research-proven) ways to communicate in everything I write. Sounds pretty awesome, huh. But wait, there’s more!

I’m a facilitator. If you need something written that needs to be approved by a shit-load of people and you KNOW they’re all gonna have their own *special* ideas about how it should be written, I am SO YOUR GIRL. I can convince, persuade, and hell – even manipulate (I use my powers for good) to get you the best outcome. You need people taken on a journey while the document gets conceptualised, created, and finalised? Pick me!


Want examples of my work?

Here are just a few

Program content

Code of practice

Legal agreement


1/2 day writing





One-off projects



$5,000 min

one week turn around

How about a professional writer on retainer?

6-month minimum


Whose world have I rocked?